Lozano, Graciela

Welcome to 2A and 2B
Bienvenidos a 2A y 2B

Mrs. LozanoMy name is Graciela C. Lozano.
Welcome to Zach White!
  I am the 2nd Grade Dual teacher. We are ready to have a great learning experience this year!

I have been teaching with EPISD for 16 years, and at Zach White for 14 years. I am proud to teach second grade at the great campus of Zach White.  Thank you for this opportunity to be your teacher.  I hope that all students will become lifetime learners.  In my classroom we work hard to be independent learners.  We have many hands-on activities to strengthen our connection with our studies, and we learn the importance of believing in ourselves and doing our best.

I am very happy to be the teacher for our Dual Language second graders in 2A and 2B. If you need to get a hold of me, click on the Contact Me link to the left, or call the school office to schedule an appointment.  I am available from 10:30 to 11:15 daily and before or after school as needed.