Schwartz, Dani

Welcome to Speech and Language Therapy

Speech TherapistHello my name is Dani Schwartz and I am the speech therapist at Zach White Elementary School.
I graduated with honors from UTEP with a Master of Science. I hold a certificate of clinical competence in Speech Language Pathology. I was born and raised in El Paso and I love this city.

Speech Therapy services are provided when a student is referred by a classroom teacher due to problems with language comprehension, language expression or speech sound errors. If the problems are impacting their classwork or self esteem, then with the parent's permission we test the student. If a student meets eligibility criteria as Speech Impaired then speech therapy services are provided.

Some of the common disorders that children may develop are normal developmental stages that children experience and will resolve with time. Other disorders need treatment or they will not go away without therapy.

Articulation Disorders are errors in the production of speech sounds.

Phonological Disorders are disorders in speech sounds that occur across several sounds and often make the student's speech unintelligible.

Fluency Disorders are disorders that cause stuttering or repetition of speech sounds, syllables or words. There may also be secondary mannerisms which may include eye blinks, head jerks, facial grimacing or hand and body movements. These secondary mannerisms and attempt to struggle out of a stutter.

Language Disorders are disorders of  Expressive Language  which is talking or Receptive Language which is the understanding of language.