Visitors to EPISD Campuses Must Now Show ID to Enter

Visitors to EPISD Campuses Must Now Show ID to Enter
Posted on 12/10/2015

Previously, visitors were asked to visit the main office, sign in, and take a generic visitor's badge or sticker upon entering EPISD schools.  Starting on December 7, visitors still continue to be directed to the main office upon entry, but they will now be asked to present government-issued identification such as a driver's license, state identification card, Consulate-issued passport, or military ID.

The ID will be passed through a scanner providing the main office with the name and birthday of the visitor.  The visitor's information will be screened though an open-source sexual offender database.  An alert will generate if the visitor's name appears on any of the 48 different state sex-offender registries.  If this is the case, an alert is sent to the building administration for verification and to the EPISD Police Services as necessary.

In most instances, the screening will take just a few moments and, upon finding a clear sexual-offender record, a temporary visitor's badge will be printed for the visitor.  The badge will contain the name, photo, date, time, and destination/purpose for the visit.

A visitor's badge will not be necessary for those who visit our schools simply to drop off an item, pick up paperwork, or attend a scheduled student performance.  Volunteers (VIPS) who have been cleared by the District for their individual campus will continue to have access without additional screening.

All visitors who enter the school with the intention of traveling beyond the main office, or staying for a meeting, etc., will be screened and issued a badge.  In addition, anyone who signs out a student from school outside of the regular dismissal time will also be screened.  Essentially, building sign-in procedures will remain the same, but will now be more consistent across the District. The procedures also will be enhanced by the additional security of the electronic screening technology.

Thank you for your patience while we do all that we can do to make our buildings welcoming places for our community while maintaining a safe and secure environment for our students.